Quantum Beginnings: A Guide to My Purpose

Quantum physics is at the bleeding edge of science: its laws will dictate the next century of scientific and technological development. At the core of these concepts is math, which ultimately forms the fabric of the universe.

Quantum is a daunting term in pop culture and it’s often invoked to patch plot holes in Hollywood blockbusters. Quantum physics has even entered the realm of “Rocket Science” and “Brain Surgery”, as something that is beyond comprehension without the most sophisticated degrees. However, it’s a firm belief of mine that complex topics shouldn’t be gatekept: anyone armed with curiosity should be able to explore and learn. This, of course, includes the Quantum realm. I am someone often armed only with curiosity, and it can be hard to even begin to explore an topic on my own. This independent study, therefore, has a dual purpose. I want to learn about the quantum realm, and I want to make it easier for the next person to as well.

Why quantum? Why math? The easy answer is that I am interested in both of quantum physics and math. As most easy answers, this oversimplifies things. The more complex answer has two parts: quantum physics is weird, cool, and new, and I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to several applications of quantum physics. Quantum lies on the bleeding edge of human knowledge, and is our best attempt at describing this mysterious universe we have found ourselves inhabiting. The unknown has always captured my interest, and quantum is no different. Besides, it tells us that most of our fundamental perceptions of the universe are wrong (there’s such thing as transportation, and communication without transmitting information, but no such thing as passive observation). Quantum math, specifically, covers a wide variety of topics, typically taught independently, including linear algebra, complex number, and a specific form of notion used in the quantum fields. Learned together, with the added context of quantum topics, their interconnections and relevance will be far more apparent, and a solid foundation for any future pursuit of the quantum fields will be developed.

In short, quantum physics is paving the way as we attempt to the understand the universe. I am exploring the mathematical elements of quantum physics to set a foundation for future personal exploration, and along the way I want to make quantum more accessible.

Below you can find my Independent Study Proposal.